Here are some of our customers who have successfully migrated to and are operating in the cloud through Bespin Global.

A Professional MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Game Developer was looking to launch their game on the Cloud. 

A Game Company which develops and services an MMORPG game were trying to move their servers from on premises
A Game Company is a game developer that specializes in sports games, they currently offer 3 different sports games. The Game Company had a global
A Video Analysis company which analyzes Soccer matches and training to help teams and players get performance and results was having trouble

A Publishing company specializing in English education in Korea wanted to expand its business by offering new household products such as organic 

A startup which ran as a nursing facility search platform as well as a caregiver service wanted to run their data system in the Cloud using the latest 

A P2P Cloud Platform Company which helps customers earn a higher profit utilizing the cloud was looking to utilize the cloud for its Big Data and Machine