Customer Orientation

Why should you migrate to the cloud?
  • Overall Cloud Strategy: what should you migrate to cloud for the best business value and reduce risk.
  • Infrastructure and Application Landscape : linkage of existing business functionality to IaaS/PaaS components
  • Total Cost of Ownership: determine the total cost to transition to a cloud architecture as compared to current operational costs.

Cloud Evaluation

How do we get started?
  • Proof of Concept: prove business benefits of migration.
  • Disaster Recovery: protecting and insuring your business.
  • Risk Assessment: Contingency and Mitigation for potential threats in customer organization.

Design and Implement

How do we migrate?

  • Plan the Migration: assess the architecture components, applications, databases, storage for migration.
  • Cloud Foundation: Get up the accounts, organization, billing, security, best practices and operating practices for using cloud.