Blue Potion Games

Business Problem:

A Professional MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Game Developer was looking to launch their game on the Cloud. Their goal was to achieve the minimum amount of latency for their users in SouthEast Asia. They needed to find the best region to place their infrastructure.

Technical Solution:

  • Servers were set up in GCP in the Taiwan Region in order to accommodate players in the Southeast Asia region.
  • The Bespin Team was then able to test directly from Korea and into Taiwan for the latency response times.
  • The test was ran for 3 weeks to get consistent data on the latency times.
  • The infrastructure was monitored using StackDriver with examples such as setting alarms when resource consumption was too high.

Results and Value:

    • Bespin Global team helped the customer launch the game in the Taiwan region.
    • There was no latency impact in placing the infrastructure in the Taiwan region and players were able to play without any issue.
    • Placing the infrastructure in GCP allowed for the infrastructure to be easily monitored and kept track of.