DataBase Jumpstart

  • Defined scope of Tables and Entities to understand and build
  • Understand what type of data and the structure of data that needs to be stored.
  • 4-8 weeks engagement
  • Cloud Native tools with no licensing fees
  • Orient Customer team to use querying, and data organization.
  • Enable customer teams to start using next gen cloud data platforms

DataBase Development

  • Build a database on the cloud from scratch
  • Use managed database services such as Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, or BigTable.
  • Can even deploy on a self managed instance where the customer retains highest control of the infrastructure.
  • Data for low latency access such as IoT based systems or, transactional processing data.
  • Security, Auditing, Governance
  • Iterative development making functionality available to user groups and business units

DataBase Migration To Cloud

  • Migrate customers who have legacy databases on premise and other clouds
  • Legacy Databases may be hosted in Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or DynamoDB.
  • Lift and Shift to same technology or new age database technology such as Cloud Spanner.
  • Keep existing ETL tools or move to server less, managed open source tools on Cloud