Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform is a significant player in artificial intelligence, in areas such as big data analysis and machine learning.
Easily and quickly collect and analyze data to support successful decision making using Google Cloud.

Bespin Global is a premier partner of GCP, and an expert with the highest number of certifications in APAC.
We guide you with products and services tailored to your specific business needs,
ensuring success in all phases, from selecting the best Google Cloud, to migration and operations.

GCP Customer Story – Braincolla Inc.
Strategy Consulting
  • Establish a cloud strategy for customer’s business goals and environment, and provide training for successful management and operation within the organization.
  • Provide solutions for establishing and stabilizing services for hybrid cloud needs.
Introduction and Migration of Stable GCP
  • Our GCP dedicated team will be responsible for stable introduction and migration.
  • Perform migration of critical workloads quickly and reliably based on customer requirements, including database and applications, without affecting business.
Big Data / Machine Learning / AI
  • Stream/Batch processing through Hadoop → BigQuery conversion, Process large data warehouse
  • BigQuery technical support for games and Bitcoin exchange
  • Image and video recognition using machine learning technology
Pricing Policy
  • The billing for the instance is charged in minimum unit of one minute, and after that, it is charged in unit of a second.
  • In addition, when the instance is used for a certain period of time, any discounts will be automatically applied based on the time of usage.

Bespin Global’s Services for a Better GCP Experience

Enhanced Services for Your GCP Experience

Managed GCP
  • Managed services
  • Always supported
  • 24/7/365 monitoring/operation supported
  • Prompt issue response
  • Broad support from IaaS to PaaS
Cloud Management Platform [OpsNow]
  • Manage hybrid environment
  • Manage resources by service group
  • Advanced monitoring (including network/application)
  • Cost optimization and forecasting
  • Improve IT service workflow
Cloud Governance
  • Establish the overall governance structure of the customer by defining goals, scope of service, and criteria to be achieved through the cloud, and by detailing procedures and processes such as user roles and user access rights
Cloud Security
  • Establish security system across cloud firewall, data encryption, user access control, and endpoint security
Cloud Solutions
  • Provide various solution offerings that can be implemented in the cloud including backup/DR, blockchain, machine learning, and marketing solution

Google Cloud Platform’s Main Services