Business Problem:

A startup which ran as a nursing facility search platform as well as a caregiver service wanted to run their data system in the Cloud using the latest technologies while using analytics on their data. 

Technical Solution:

  • The Bespin Team designed a solution to import the data system into GCP.
  • The Bespin Team provisioned GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) for the data convergence component of the data application and then BigQuery, a serverless data warehouse, to analyze the data.
  • The Bespin Team provisioned all of the infrastructure through Terraform which is an Infrastructure as Code tool.

Results and Value:

  • The adoption of GKE increased efficiency of the application as multiple containers were able to run at the same time, and data processing happened simultaneously.
  • BigQuery allowed for easy scalable data analysis and reduced management overhead on the startup Engineering Team.
  • Terraform made it easy to keep infrastructure in one place, and any future changes to infrastructure could happen from one source.