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Cloud costs and features change by the moment.
Let OpsNow manage your cloud, and so you can focus on what’s important!

OpsNow efficiently improves Cloud management, operations, and IT processes, through automation, cost optimization, analysis, and monitoring.

OpsNow Features

Hybrid Environment Management

OpsNow helps customers to use a single, unified tool to manage, not only IDC, but also other multi-Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Aliyun. You no longer have to set or apply rules for each Cloud environment. You can also manage applications and resources operated in various Cloud environments, from a single platform.
Asset Hybrid Dashboard
Asset Hybrid Dashboard

Advanced Monitoring

OpsNow monitors system and infrastructure with more frequency than the Cloud service providers (CSP), raising the standards that the customers need. So now you can have a deeper understanding of resource usage with this data, compared to the Cloud service provider’s simplistic monitoring data.

You can see the current status of your cost and resources with time-series trend charts, all in a single view.

Cost optimization

Your ever-changing Cloud IT cost – If you don’t manage it properly, you can’t get the benefits of the Cloud and the functions and features that come with it. OpsNow monitors, manages, and optimizes the Cloud cost, so you can save on the Cloud.

Asset Hybrid Dashboard
Asset Hybrid Dashboard

Management by Group

OpsNow not only supports Cloud resource management, but also supports group management for each application, service, or business units operated by each company.

Analyze and Manage Resource Usage

We offer ‘Smart Functions’ that can replace a Cloud vendor’s console feature, such as, resource relationships, scheduling, and auto-scaling settings. You can also quickly and easily find data from resources according to your interest, with our relation-based search function.
Asset Hybrid Dashboard
Asset Hybrid Dashboard

IT Process Improvement

Planning, designing, delivering, operating, and managing the cloud represents more than just infrastructure operations. OpsNow enables you to respond to ongoing IT services, such as project or service requests and error handling, to manage your Cloud IT from development to operation in its entirety.

Automated Event Management With AlertNow

AlertNow is Korea’s first SaaS based alarm and event management feature that automates a series of event procedures, from collecting alarm, filtering, processing, and resolving – designed to reduce operational costs and improve productivity.

End-to-End Alarm & Integrated Event Management

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