Application Development

Bespin’s Application Abilities
  • Back-End: Project or consulting engagement in order to provide clients help in building the Back-End frameworks of their applications.
  • Multiple Languages: Expertise in multiple languages such as Python, Java, and GO.

Application Optimization

How can we improve the performance of the Application?
  • Testing: Provide various and detailed tests in order to find ways the application can be improved.
  • Implementation: Understand and incorporate new methodologies in order to optimize the application’s performance to its maximum.
  • Risk Assessment: Convey potential issues with the Application and provide the best recommendations in order to resolve them.

Design and Implement

How will we implement?

  • Plan the Implementation: Understand what the application’s requirements are and design a strategy on the best method of implementation.
  • Setup a Project Timeline: Allocate resources and Time in order to ensure the project succeeds and the client’s needs are met.

Application DeployMent

How can we deploy the application?
  • Cloud Provider: Choose the Cloud Provider to deploy the application on such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Cloud Service: Understand how much control the client needs in terms of infrastructure and choose the correct Cloud Service to deploy the application. Examples include App Engine, GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), or Compute Engine VMs.
  • Infrastructure Optimization: Collect Metrics on the load of the application and provision the infrastructure to best suit the application’s performance while optimizing on cost.