Data Analytics

Data Analytics Jumpstart 
  • Defined scope of Reports and Dashboards with associated data pipelines
  • Get data from multiple source systems
  • 4-8 weeks engagement
  • Cloud Native tools with no licensing fees
  • Visualization, Reporting and Dashboarding tool of choice
  • Orient Customer team to use data preparation, querying and data blending
  • Enable customer teams to start using next gen cloud data platforms
Data Warehouse Development
  • Build a data warehouse house on the cloud from scratch
  • Use databases like BigQuery, Snowflake and Others
  • Data Ingestion from multiple systems
  • Data Tiers for raw, processed and aggregated data
  • Data pipelines for streaming and batch data
  • Data Quality mechanism
  • Security, Auditing, Governance
  • Iterative development making functionality available to user groups and business units
Data Warehouse Migration To Cloud
  • Migrate customer have legacy data warehouses on premise and other clouds
  • Legacy Data warehouses may be hosted in Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza..
  • Lift and Shift to same technology or new age analytical databases like Big Query and Snowflake
  • Keep existing ETL tools or move to server less, managed open source tools on Cloud
  • Smooth cutover for users and upstream and downstream consuming data from data warehouses
  • Use existing reporting tools or migrate to tools like Looker, Tableau, PowerBI, Data Studio
Data Lake On Cloud
  • Build a data lake on cloud using Hadoop, EMR, Dataproc, Data bricks
  • Help customer choose technology using proof of concepts
  • Differentiate between data lake and date warehouse technologies
  • Migrate customer data to cloud and use cloud storage options that are cheaper and reliable
  • Data processing using Spark jobs